Helping people and companies position themselves for success.

Lindly Success Strategies is now Leader·ly Marketing Growth Strategies

Machelle Lind works to raise the profile of individuals and businesses through marketing success strategies.  Machelle has a knack for connecting people and through her new business, Leader·ly, offers personable and effective skills for professional and business engagement and development.

Machelle Lind is a member of Aim High Network and has held many decision-making positions in Duluth.  Her craft is marketing – and she’s well known for her work through the YWCA, the Miller Hill Mall, and most recently for the Head of the Lakes United Way.

Not only is Machelle an example of a rising woman leader in our region, but she is also, maybe, more importantly, a cheerleader for all other women striving to reach new levels in their businesses or careers.  As a side-gig, you might even say hobby because she does it with such a passion – Machelle consistently works to connect people with others that possess skills and talents that complement each other.

Machelle is married to Todd Lind.  She has a grown daughter, Jasmine and is active in cheering on Todd’s sons, Teran and TeeJ, as well.  In her spare time, she loves to be active, is an avid reader, and a lifelong volunteer.