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Social Media Marketer Machelle Lind Shares Her Secret Sauce

A couple of weeks ago I met with Machelle Lind, founder of Leaderly, a marketing enterprise located here in the Northland. We met outside for coffee and talked about the challenges small businesses have had to face in the midst of our pandemic. During the conversation, she described her method of creative problem solving, which…
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Marketing in the Coral Reef of Duluth

Many marketers have been in the industry all of their lives. There is a dazzling array of marketers, as many as there are creatures in the coral reefs found all over in the world’s oceans. Now imagine if one of these creatures felt that their place in these fragile ecosystems was more important than smaller…
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Death by Subscription

The UMD Center for Economic Development and the Entrepreneur Fund team up to bring workshops like Profit Mastery to small businesses in the Northland. I’m grateful for both of these organizations.  This past fall I attended one of their two-day workshops. Though I learned a lot, much of the class was not applicable to a service business…
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Public Relations for Leaderly

The Matchmaker for Business

Duluth’s Machelle Lind, a marketing consultant and owner of Leaderly Marketing, goes all-in with her clients. She is the person whom people often call to handle damage control and other sensitive issues which aren’t restricted to regular business hours. thus she considers herself on call 24/7. Through her one-woman business, Lind handles social media, public…
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Eagle Eyes

As seen in the Duluth News Tribune It’s been estimated that businesses lose millions of dollars each year as a result of typos. When I first started out in marketing, I would be offended to receive anything from a graphic designer or a printer with spelling or grammatical errors. As I matured in my marketing…
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Duluth Chamber of Commerce

Leaderly Marketing Cuts Ribbon with Duluth Chamber

Leaderly Marketing Growth Strategies owner, Machelle Lind, celebrated her new membership with the Duluth Chamber with a creative Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at her home office on March 15, 2019. “””” I am grateful to the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce for their support of my business. I am thankful for each person in this photo…
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Interview with Ed Newman

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ed Newman for an interview featured on his blog Ennyman’s Territory. We talked about my business and marketing – the work and fun of it! Check out the interview here.