Leadership Circles

Helping people and companies position themselves for success.

Radically shift/change how you lead your team in 2018

Leadership Circles are carefully curated peer learning groups that cultivate growth from the inside out.  The focus will be on how you are communicating in the workplace and will encourage you to consider compassion and empathy as a way to become a leader everyone loves while maintaining a productive workplace.

Each Circle starts with an emotional audit, followed by getting a clear understanding of what you value and how together this creates an authentic leadership style.  The leader you were meant to be – the leader everyone loves.

Led by Machelle Lind, a “Conscious Communication” guide, you and five of your peers come together to support each other’s leadership development.

Groups will meet the last Saturday of each month staring exactly at 8:30 am and ending promptly at 10:00 am.

Coffee and a light breakfast will be provided.

Due to the nature of the group and the strict adherence to confidentially – each participant must commit to attending three circles.
The cost is $125.  

Why should you join a Leadership Circle?

As leaders our struggles always seem bigger and more overwhelming when we’re sealed off from others who can help. You’ll feel stronger and better equipped with a go-to peer group you can trust to help you problem-solve and be there when the going gets tough. You have a team you can rely on.

Leading effectively today requires the ability to adapt to anything. In a word: resilience. As you apply what you learn from the circle you will build your abs of resilience. Learning together with your gritty group of leaders maximizes your growth by tapping into the experiences of other leaders.

You no longer have to ask “who’s got my back?”

Being a leader everyone loves starts with being a human you can love. The circle encourages you to step back (introspection) step up (conflict resolution) and step off (a slowing down and sorting evolution) and above all else: offers a step stool so you can reach higher.  You will the ability to take major baby steps in your leadership. 

The Circle is protected time by you and by your peers.
You will be held accountable for the life-giving but difficult work of introspection, conflict resolution, slowing down and sorting evolution, and the overall goal of reaching higher.  Clarity is the shared goal as we learn to live in alignment with our leadership values. This is leadership development. You don’t have experience effective leadership without carving out time to that effective leader. 

The Circle of Life-Giving Leadership Energy – Lindly Success Strategies brings together experienced strategists with wide-ranging experience and expertise. You’ll have access to support and learnings through content. “You will become a leader everyone loves and that is synonymous with becoming who you are.”