Marketing in the Coral Reef of Duluth

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Marketing in the Coral Reef of Duluth

Many marketers have been in the industry all of their lives. There is a dazzling array of marketers, as many as there are creatures in the coral reefs found all over in the world’s oceans. Now imagine if one of these creatures felt that their place in these fragile ecosystems was more important than smaller marine life like the small fish and plankton. It’s not possible, because each creature has a symbiotic relationship. This means that they are all dependent on each other: they have a mutually beneficial relationship that serves to uphold the health of the coral reef.

The Northland has a wide variety of marketing firms ranging from home-based marketing agencies to the larger firms that are nationally known. Now imagine if one of the larger “fish” in the sea of marketing felt that they served the marketing needs better than the smaller species of marketing businesses. Just like the coral reefs that are under siege – this would undermine the marketing habitat that serves our entire business community.

Recently, I received a comment from a larger marketing firm that I was working with on a project. The person that I was working with referred to me as an amateur. Basically he was saying that I was a nonprofessional and that my business was more of a hobby than a real marketing agency.  I have served in marketing roles for over two decades so the comment was as painful as a sting from a jellyfish. It was from someone that I looked up to so it served to make me doubt my ability.

The truth is each marketing business serves a vital role in the health of our business community. Some serve small businesses, others serve corporations or impressive brands but not one is more important than the other. Not one.

The future of marketing in the coral reef of Duluth is spectacular. Just like the Great Barrier Reef which is home to at least 400 individual species of coral, and thousands of fish, dolphins, and turtles – the Zenith City is home to graphic designers, digital online specialists, SEO experts, social media managers, and small and large marketing firms that all serve to meet the marketing needs of businesses. There is not one more important than the other.

As for doubting my ability, I have now been able to see myself and my small business as one of the creatures that gets to swim among the beautiful coral … a place where the bigger fish cannot reach and will never see.

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