Social Media Marketer Machelle Lind Shares Her Secret Sauce

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Social Media Marketer Machelle Lind Shares Her Secret Sauce

A couple of weeks ago I met with Machelle Lind, founder of Leaderly, a marketing enterprise located here in the Northland. We met outside for coffee and talked about the challenges small businesses have had to face in the midst of our pandemic. During the conversation, she described her method of creative problem solving, which she called her “Secret Sauce.” 

I liked it and wanted to share it since it dovetails nicely with my own convictions about how the creative process works.

EN: What is the relationship between sales and marketing? You said you began your career in sales. How did that evolve into a marketing business?

Machelle Lind: Sales and Marketing go hand-in-hand. When I began my career, I began as a highly-trained cold call salesperson. My success in sales promoted me to be a sales trainer which led to a career in marketing. The sales and marketing experience then led to success in development for nonprofits and then on to some pretty serious experience in business development for corporate entities.

Through it all, I developed a love for small businesses and small business owners. I longed to start my own business to help small businesses crack the code for successfully marketing with a limited budget. That longing led to the birth of Leaderly.

EN: Everybody starts somewhere. What were some of your experiences that shaped your marketing business and career?

ML: I’ve had an interesting career with a broad range of experiences. I been served in small companies and major corporations. I’ve worked for non-profits and entrepreneurs. This variety served me well when I launched my own business.

EN: Do you have a favorite type of client? What does your ideal situation look like where you can best do your marketing magic? 

ML: I like small businesses and entrepreneurs because they are usually aware of their needs and don’t have the big bucks to maintain a staff of specialists. They turn to outside help to fill holes that they are fully aware they need help with.

The best clients that fit with Leaderly are those businesses that understand the value of time. The vertical markets I have chosen for my business tend to be attorneys, chiropractors and real estate agents because they value their time like they would value a warehouse filled with inventory. I do my best work for those types of business owners. I get them and they get Leaderly.

EN: When we talked about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) you mentioned your “Secret Sauce.” Do you mind sharing the recipe for Machelle Lind’s Secret Sauce?

ML: Leaderly’s unique selling proposition is to help other businesses discover their own unique selling proposition. Once this is known, we/I leverage it to generate revenue and drive traffic to their website, storefront, or inbox. I like to make things happen and I do, again and again.

I’ve specialized in social media marketing. My approach involves customization and original content. I’m not a cookie-cutter artist. Social media platforms each have their unique features, so you need to craft your messages accordingly. I aim for developing scalable content in carved out vertical markets.

EN: OK, so what is your recipe?

ML: It always begins with reading and research. This is actually a requirement for all creative endeavors. You have to do your homework.

Once hired I pull out my internal Hi-liter. Everything I read, see, and think that may be relevant gets hi-lited. My client’s world becomes my world. 

This isn’t actually a step, but it’s part of the process: I agonize. I care about my clients and the work we produce. I strive to obtain the perfect image, create the perfect content. 

Next, you have to let it simmer. After feeding my mind, I allow my subconscious to assemble and re-assemble concepts. As James Young and many other students of the creative process have affirmed, there’s a supercomputer inside our heads and we let it do the work while our conscious minds are elsewhere. This is why so many people talk about the great idea the had while in the shower or stopped at a red light.

EN: Anything else you’d like to note here?

ML: It helps to have Thick Skin. The best work comes from welcoming honest feedback, listening, and striving to get it right. My manner of listening is to understand the personality of your business.