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I’m an intuitive and experienced sales, marketing, and public relations professional, valued by the companies with which I’ve worked for my focused ability to communicate and build, with ease, rapport with clients that lead to profitable and solid business relationships.

Along with building that crucial rapport comes a capacity and fluency in maintaining cooperative working relationships through event planning, value-driven presentations, and effectively focused seminars. These lead to consistent sales performance in a multitude of competitive industries, including media, sales, hospitality, property management, and health services.

Whether it’s been working with small businesses, large national corporations, or individually, I have made it a priority to develop a set of highly desirable and marketable skills from award-winning graphic design, to effective and innovative marketing plans that boost profits and enhance any organizational portfolio.

I’m an experienced business navigator, working effectively with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders to negotiate, close, implement and maintain agreements, strategies, and plans.

My specialties focus my skills in the areas of sales, marketing, public relations, event planning, branding, career consulting, business writing, and effective management. I also excel at development, retention, training, and budget management.

Additionally, as a component of all of my acquired skills and interests, I am a strong supporter of the local business culture and am committed to supporting the nonprofit sector.

I believe in entrepreneurial evangelism–inviting and welcoming people into the opportunity to engage and do business. Ask me about it.